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Makes Great Personalized Promotional Products

Personalized promotional products are great when you need to go that extra mile or make a true lasting impression. If you want a promotional product that will stick with the person you give it to, Open Sesame is a great choice.

This unique magnetic 3 in 1 bottle opener is like no other bottle opener youíve ever seen. It allows you to open many different types of bottles all with ease. Itís super easy to use and will not cause any pain.

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Who doesnít love personalized items? It makes it seem that much more special and important to you when you can get it personalized.

When you get a promotional product, you are much more likely to hold onto it if it is personalized for you. People will keep something much longer and hold it in higher esteem when it is personalized with their name.

This is why there is such a popularity in personalized promotional products. When you can give the people something they like, they will be much more likely to hold onto it and not throw it out.

When you give them something of quality, it wonít break and need to be thrown out, leading to more promotional opportunity for you. †

Itís also important to understand just how great the Open Sesame is. Itís called a three in one bottle opener because it has:

  • Can opener
  • Glass bottle opener
  • Plastic bottle opener

It is absolutely the best soda and beer can opener there is. You donít have to worry about sore fingers or broken nails when you use the Open Sesame.

As a glass bottle opener, it is perfect and you'll find it at all times. No more asking where is it or getting aggravated for it when you most need it. It will be there for you, easy to reach and fast to find, with its magnetic functions.

As for plastic bottles, like water bottles with the small caps, the Open Sesame works great. You can open a very strong seal without difficulty and also close your water back securely so that it does not leak.

Itís great for kids, seniors and anyone in between. You can have a pain-free way to open all types of bottles and cans. You can give this excellent gift to the people you want to market to in the form of personalized promotional products. It will create a lasting impression with anyone who is advantaged enough to get one from you.

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