Small, medium, standard or large.

“Just Place it and Rotate it” Opening all kind of bottles and tops
has never been easier.

Bottle Opener

Get it once, have it right.

Open Plastic Bottles


Promotinal Bottle Opener

Over 10,000 Happy Clients are now using this Unique, Magnetic Magic Opener ® EVERY DAY.

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MAYBE you need to easily open Plastic Bottles? Or some of those soda cans? Or hard to open juice cans? What about Beer aluminum can or traditional glass bottles? Maybe just a simple bottle water with standard plastic tops? Or maybe you want to give the best long lasting useful unique gift to a very nice friend?  

Order NOW With A Peace Of Mind

Satisfaction Guaranteed on Bottle Opener

90 day no questions asked, iron clad money back guarantee
AND a lifetime warranty on the product.

BONUS: Get 1 Open Sesame USA Free.

3 in 1 Bottle Openers

OFFER ENDS SOON. See orderform for details.

Well, maybe you just would like to have them all and be able to open all those difficult different bottles and cans, Easy and Fast, each And every single time an opening needs a strong and effective push? or a nice gift to a nice friend needs to be given.

Order Now!

Need Help Opening Bottles & Cans



WHY NOT HAVING THE BEST the first time?

I'm going to tell you WHY you have just found THE BEST:

This extra ordinary very nice, little magnetic and ergonomic magic opener® is the first choice for those who like to easily open any soda can, beer can, juice cans, any plastic bottle, water bottle, small medium or large soda plastic bottle or a traditional glass bottle in any party, in the pool, at home or on the go, for a flight attendant in an airplane, even for a bartender in regular working hours, for a grandmother, a father, a daughter, a pretty nails mother or a hand pain grandfather, It is so good so comfortable and helpful that over 10.000 happy clients are using it in a daily bases.  This multi opener among all bottle openers is really magic. It’s the end of the road, the ultimate reward for those who have been looking for a real good solution for so long with little to no luck, better yet it’s a dream come true with a 90 day no questions asked, iron clad money back guaranteed.

Features of the patented Open Sesame ® Magic Bottle Opener

  • Opens aluminum beer and soda cans like magic -- slide tab into slot, lift up, can is open.
  • Unseals plastic screw off caps with a simple twist -- it grips and grabs screw off plastic tops easy and fast.
  • Makes easy work of traditional metal capped glass bottles -- lift up, cap pops off!
  • Ergonomic design -- gentle on hands.
  • Unique -- all Its' various Patents makes it very exclusive and unique.
  • Built-in leverage points -- eliminates pain and strain.
  • 3-in-1 bottle opening functions -- Practical for every opening of plastic bottles, soda and beer aluminum cans and all traditional soda and beer glass bottles. 
  • Multiple uses for multiple places -- Easy to carry and easy to use, nice sharing it with friends, family and loved ones, Unique Gift Idea for almost everybody.
  • Especially helpful for those with arthritis or limited hand strength -- Opening all types of beverages has never been easier.
  • Magnetic back -- easy to store and easy to find.
  • Durable, produced with Iron and Plastic -- Made with the best materials, selected steel Makes it very strong for everyday use
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee -- No questions asked, you can test it for 3 full months with all different beverages.
  • Full Lifetime Warranty  -- Ideal for your Peace Of Mind

Can you think of anybody, friend or family member who will benefit of having this amazing, really reliable good and affordable help, in a daily basis?

See How It Works!

Thousands Of Happy Customers Stand Behind This Easy Magic Bottle Opener

The Only Thing Missing?

The only thing missing is your desire to have the best help there is, your desire to feel good and be happy from now on, to recognize that you deserve the best, and once and for all give yourself a gift that you yourself will thank you for, now and for many years to come. So it is your turn to make the right decision, take the right step and feel free. It is the time to see yourself happy. Using open sesame easy opener every day will give you complete freedom, peace of mind, confidence, flexibility and most importantly happiness. Now you know that, it is very easy for you, with open sesame the Magic Opener®. Finally you have found it.

Don't let it pass you by. Now it’s your turn.

Looking for the Best Deal?

I have created the best cans & bottle opener special offer ever, especially for you. 3 + 1 Free. Now you can save not only in the S/H but on the cans & Bottle Openers as well because with this limited time special offer I will send you an extra free magic opener. That’s right same Shipping and Handling and an extra free magic opener - OpenSesame easy bottle opener so now you can have it everywhere you may need to open any beverage container, beer, water, soda or juice in your Boat – RV - Car - Beach – Pool – Bar – Kitchen – Office - Night Table, you name it, anytime to be use anywhere for any beverage, approximately $40 Dollars on savings comparing if you where ordering your OpenSesame® cans & easy bottle openers one by one.

Promotinal Bottle Opener

To View Prices
Click Here

Why is it THE ONLY ONE?

As a Can Opener

As a can opener you'll know that open sesame is the best soda can and beer can opener there is. Once you use it, when opening any beer can, soda or juice cans, then you'll realize how easy comfortable and practical it works for you, you will immediately discover that it is the best, that it really works like magic, and the best is what you deserve.

As a traditional glass bottle opener

As a glass bottle opener, it is perfect it works well every single time and you'll always find it very easy. No more asking where is it or getting aggravated for it when you most need it. It will be there for you, easy to reach and fast to find, with its magnetic functions.

As for Plastic Bottles

As for Plastic Bottles, bottle opener, WOW - it helps to open those tight tiny plastic caps with a hard seal difficult to brake and then closing it back. It is so easy that most kids consider it so COOL, Seniors think it is the best multi help there is and mothers are so grateful to see how struggle less it is.

You don't need to get crazy any more because, with this patented and unique bottle opener you have solved all the opening needs anywhere you always feel for a big soda, beer, water or juice opening. No matter if it is a party or just a refreshing time for you or your family. You'll be able to open any coca cola, Pepsi cola or Corona or Heineken in a traditional glass bottle or in an aluminum can. You name it, even a simple plastic bottle of water any day, any time, all the time. No matter if it is a unique gift idea or a bulk promotional gift item.  Open Sesame, is the only one that gives you so many different benefits in one perfect single easy to use ergonomic and practical patented gadget for home or office, for in doors or out doors. 

It is Magnetic

As a Refrigerator Magnet

It functions as a perfect, simple and practical refrigerator magnet in your home or in your office.  you will always have it handy and because its magnets are powerful and strong you are assured you will always have it where you left it, easy and fast.

To get your own magnetic easy multi opener right now you can go to our Secure easy to use BUY NOWpage.

It is Patented

As the Only One

When we say it is the only one, we really mean it. It has been granted so many international patents that we have lost count. When you choose Open Sesame the magic opener® either for a gift or for your benefit and peace of mind, you are choosing the most unique, protected, guaranteed and patented opener in the market.

Patti Chapman, Concho, AZ, via email, says:

I bought one for my mom, she cannot open her water bottles. I looked online to find something that would make it easier for her. That's when I found Open Sesame, and ordered it along with someone else's opener.

She couldn't use the other brand because it took too much strengths in her wrists, so I returned theirs. She tried Open Sesame the easy bottle opener and it worked great for her.

She is 72, with lupus that has crippled her hands.

Thank you very much!

You can assure your self that you are getting the best there is. And with it we are pleased to give you the best guaranty for every single opener you get. That is right, and the best guaranty there is, is a life time guaranty, you will be able to send it back if anything happens to it, anything at all and we will be sending you an absolutely new opener to replace your old one absolutely free. Isn't that a great peace of mind? And besides that don't forget that you'll have 3 months with our iron clad money back guarantee, and that is because when you get your new open sesame you are getting a real support behind it, for you, for your friends and family.

You will be able to use it for 90 days and if for any reason, any reason at all you don't feel comfortable you can return it and we will send you your money back, no questions asked, so feel free to have it in your office or your home, in your camper, RV, pool or at the beach for as much as you like, use it with every opening you may need any time any where and make sure you are completely satisfied because we really want you to be happy and we want to assure you that if for any reason you are not happy with your new patented opener you have our full guarantee all the way.

Kim Hunt, Mr. Taylor daughter from Christchurch, New Zealand says:


My father was a tailor, Taylor by name and trade, during his working life and that has taken its toll on his hands now in later life, he has very bad arthritis in his hands. After visiting my father one day I listened to him complain about how he wanted a drink of fizzy one evening but he couldn't get the bottle open. He tried using an opener he got from the hospital, a rubber grip, even a hammer but he couldn't get it open, as he is now a widower he didn't have anyone who could help him so he had to go without. I thought there must be something out there that could make it easy for him and I searched the web and your site was one of the first I saw.......the video, how it opened cans and plastic top bottles wow........

I bought it right there and then. When it arrived I took it over to him and to see the smile on his face was priceless. Opening cans had even been a problem for him but not anymore and we found it easy opens child proof medicine bottles which is a bonus. My dad was so excited that when his grandchildren came the next day for breakfast he had them all using it to open their cans of drink. Even now weeks later he still comments how lovely it is to be able to open the plastic top fizzy drink bottles whenever he wants.

Pablo, Many thanks for one of the best presents I have ever bought.

Kim H.

Christchurch, New Zealand

Yes Our Guarantee is that Simple.....

With your new easy opener you'll get
90 Day money back guarantee,
No Questions Asked Plus a Lifetime Warranty...

Oh Yes it’s simple, very simple. You just try the easy Magic Opener Open Sesame in your home or office up to 90 days, either you'll love how easily it opens and comfortably it helps you or you just send it back for a refund, no questions asked.

More than 10,000 of satisfied customers already know how easy opening, and fun it is with all different beverages, beers in a bottle or a can, water in a plastic bottle, sodas or juice that comes in a glass bottle, plastic bottle or aluminum can, no matter what, with  Open Sesame ® Easy Opener you can easily open them all, as easy as saying Open Sesame.

With our One hundred % Satisfaction Guarantee it's safe and easy to see if it is right for you.

You'll love it - or your money back.
No risk at all, it is really a relief to be able to use it for a full three months as much as you like, until you see for yourself if Open Sesame really, really helps you.

This is why we all at Open Sesame are very happy, because our policy of “Happy Costumers Feel Good with every single opening” is that you only keep it if you like it, or your money back.

OpenSesame 3 in 1 Bottle Opener

This Unique Magnetic Bottle Opener does it all! EASY & FAST.

Opens Plastic Bottles

Opens Plastic Bottles

Opens Glass Bottles

Opens Glass Bottles

Open Cans

Open Cans

Keep it on the fridge

Keep it on the fridge

BEST SPECIAL OFFER ever created especially for you:

Don't miss this opportunity; we have created the best limited time special offer ever created, especially for you. We will give you a free opener with your order of 3 and that means 3 + 1 Free. Now you can save not only in the S/H but on the can & Bottle Openers as well because with this limited time special offer we are sending you an extra free easy opener. That’s right same low Shipping and Handling and an extra free Open Sesame ® easy opener, so now you can have it everywhere you may need to open any beverage container, beer can, water bottle, soda or juice. For your Boat – Car - RV - Beach – Pool – Kitchen – Bar – Office - Night Table, for a nice gift, you name it, to be used anywhere, anytime. It will open most of your beverages easy and fast.

BIG SAVINGS, Over $40.00  on savings, comparing if you where ordering your OpenSesame® easy openers one by one. Don't miss this opportunity we don't know how long it will last, but for your next best gift or all your opening needs you can have the 3 + 1 Free  right here right now, and:

OUR offer is Rock solid. If we offer you a free one, WE MEAN FREE you can believe it; you'll get a free one with your order and if for any reason you decide to return your openers Just Keep The FREE ONE as a Gift From Us.

 We want you and your family to have it and use it now and for many years to come, just send back your other 3 openers and we'll refund your money no questions asked. Don't forget you have 90 days iron clad money back guarantee. That is plenty of time to try and test your new easy openers time after time.

Beer Bottle & Can Opener

Nothing to loose, everything to gain.

YES if for any reason you are not completely satisfied we will refund your money, no questions asked. You can call us anytime for any question at: Ph:(305) 889-2868. We will be very happy to clear any doubts you may have so you can get your new patented and unique opener knowing for sure, it is for you to have and for you to keep and use to help you and your loved ones every single time an opening needs a big and secure push for many years to come.

If you are ready to get your own easy multi opener you can just go to our Secure easy to order BUY NOWpage.

For more info as an occasional single unique gift idea, as a refrigerator magnet as a beer opener a Promotional Corporate Gift and/or promotional products and much more you can keep reading right below.

If an occasional single Unique Gift Idea
Is what you would like to have?
Then Unique gift Ideas is what we have.

It is a very affordable gift idea, it will be placed on their refrigerator door as a fridge magnet and it is so easy to use that anybody will be very happy every time a can or bottle is needed to be opened and you'll be happy that your gifts are really unique, helpful and very well appreciated. To see more and how about open sesame as promotional products and/or best gift ideas, you can go to: unique gift idea

Promotional Bottle Opener Promotional Corporate Gift Idea

Refrigerator magnet or Refrigerator Magnets

And as a refrigerator magnet it is really a unique one

It functions as a perfect, simple and practical refrigerator magnet in your home or in your office.  You can take it to the beach, have it in the pool, carrying it in your car or in your RV, use it in your boat, you name it, you will always have it handy and because its magnets are powerful and strong you are assured you will always have it where you left it, easy and fast. To see more and how, you can go to: refrigerator magnet
Thousands of happy clients are already using it.

No need to wait. You can start using it right away and you may order now, On line - or mail . If you have questions or bulk orders you can contact us: By Phone at: Ph:(305) 889-2868.

Soda Can Bottle Opener   Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener

Beer Bottle Openers? 

Wow if this is a real beer bottle opener.

Is so unique that no matter if your beer is in an aluminum can or in a glass bottle. If it is a Corona in a traditional glass bottle or famous Heineken in an aluminum can, even a Budweiser or a Miller Lite,  big or small  because it will open any beer at any time easy and fast, besides that you will be able to open plastic bottles as well, and because it has a strong magnet on the back you will be able to find it any time on your refrigerator door or on any metal surface you want to keep it. So if you really want to have the best beer bottle opener you just have found it because this patented unique, practical and very functional beer opener will be with you all the way. To see more and how, you can go to: beer bottle openers

An Excellent Promotional Corporate Gift

It is the Best Promotional Corporate Gift choice for you to give any time to any body in any place, because it will be used daily and constantly and with your colorful info all along you will be having it displayed in their place 24/7 for many years to come.

So when thinking on a gift, think in the best long lasting gift there is, and our Promotional Corporate Gift is so unique that you will be very proud every single time you'll give it to anybody. So feel good all the time. Give the best long lasting gift and don't forget that probably in 10 or 15 years from now they will still be happy using your same promotional gift you have chosen for them today. To see more and how, you can go to: promotional corporate gifts

O YES, this is the BEST CAN OPENER there is.

Simplest Reason!

The most simplest reason is its uniqueness and comfort ability. It is so unique and so functional that you can have it in your RV, in your Boat, Camper. You can use it in the beach, in your pool in your BBQ Game party. You can keep it in your car, in your office, in doors, out doors ,you name it, in any of these places and many more you will be able to open any aluminum can no mater if it is from Europe, South America, Canada, United Estates, Australia, New Zealand or Africa it will open any of them  as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

Congratulations you just have found the best can opener there is. To see more information on best can openers, you can go to: best can opener
Thousands of happy clients are already using it.

No need to wait. You can start using it right away and you may order now, On line - or mail . If have questions or bulk orders you can contact us: By Phone at: Ph:(305) 889-2868.

More information - More benefits about this Extraordinary Patented Ergonomic Easy Opener Right Below.

Have you seen it in action?
Do you have it already?

PERFECT FOR easy opening of ANY soda can, beer can, plastic bottles,
water bottles, glass bottles – any time, any place, anybody,

This Is the Unique Bottle Opener that thousands of happy people use every day

First choice, among bottle openers by anyone with limited hand strength. Mostly Kids, seniors, house wife’s, fathers enjoy using it on a daily basis.

Easy open any soda, beer or juice in Aluminum Can – any water and soda in a Plastic bottle with US standard plastic top – any beer, Juice, soda, water in a Glass bottle.

You name it; it is only one, but incredibly unique bottle opener, and works very well for all soda can,  beer can, juice can or soda bottle, beer bottle water bottle......It's a unique ergonomic refrigerator magnet

Our easy opener - Open Sesame ® bottle opener - was invented and created in order to serve people who need extra force to open with ease most of the different beverage containers existing in the market today.

Now you can order 1 or more exclusive and original magnetic bottle opener Open Sesame right here, right now with our Secure easy to use page.

Open Sesame is one of the most functional easy to use soda can opener or pop can opener in general. Using Open Sesame soda can opener is as easy as saying Open Sesame ®; thousands are using this amazing pop can opener on a daily basis, all over the USA. Seniors love to open any soft drink with it. A beer or water bottle is very easy to be opened with open sesame ®. It is really a magic opener, an ideal gift idea to anybody, anywhere for any occasion. It is first choice for those who need to open a soda can or beer can in a party. A flight attendant in an airplane, even a bartender in regular working hours. It is so helpful that many are amazed once they start using it.

Aluminum soda can, juice and beer can are hard to open, so hard that most women and kids always look for something sharp to help them to lift the pop tab and then pull it with less resistance without realizing how dangerous that could be. Open Sesame Bottle Opener is the right tool to open any and all soda can, beer can or natural Juice that comes in aluminum can or plastic bottle - safely – comfortable – practical and secure at all times.

Open Sesame ® easy bottle opener is a unique one of a kind among all bottle openers

Most water and soda come in a plastic bottle with a plastic seal cap which is usually very tight in order to keep the gas inside the soda bottle or water bottle, so it may last longer. However the seal is so tight that most seniors, girls or kids in general are forced to ask for help so they can enjoy a nice refreshing soda can or water bottle, but it is sad that most of the time there isn't anyone to help around at that particular minute and subsequently they end up not having the soda drink or water and are forced to put that soda can, soda bottle water bottle or beer can back on the shelve or refrigerator until somebody comes to help.

Thousands are using Open Sesame ® bottle opener in a daily basis knowing that it brings security, peace of mind and happiness every single time a soda bottle, a soda can or a beer can needs a good push to get it open.

Another such annoying inconvenience is experienced when you want to open a glass bottle tin cap and you go into your drawer and look and look but that traditional little itsi bitsi opener always manages to hide between everything else so you end up looking for something else to open that very refreshing tin cap glass bottle.

But now you know that Open Sesame Easy Bottle Opener is an extraordinary Refrigerator Magnet. That’s right, it is a fridge magnet so you can have it either on your refrigerator door or on any metal surface so you will find it every single time easy and fast, no matter anymore if you are in a hurry or simply you need to open any of the traditional tin cap glass bottle, soda can or plastic bottle, no matter if is a soda a beer a Juice or a simple water bottle or even if it is for you or your guests.  You'll know you have it always handy to use it right away and because it is ergonomic as well, it will always be very comfortable on your hand or your finger.

The easy opener-Open Sesame - actually grips and grabs screw off plastic tops to unseal them with a simple twist of the wrist. It neatly inserts under pop tops and lift it like magic and it’s magnet allows you to keep it on your fridge door or any metal surface where you can find it easily so any time you need to open any tin cap, screw off or pop up there it is, Open Sesame -easy opener- always ready to serve you.
Careful planning in its basic design and selection of strong materials makes open sesame easy opener a #1 very resistant, ergonomic and functional multi opener. We are proud to offer our life time warranty, no questions asked on any of our open sesame easy openers.

Stan Schoenberg, a father of a flight attendant in NY says:

Dear Pablo,

About a year ago, I bought an Open Sesame bottle opener for my son who is a flight attendant. I had done research online and found your Open Sesame website and called you directly.

My son was complaining that he was damaging his fingers by continually opening up the soda cans during flights for the passengers.

Since he would open up about 50 cans per flight, I could understand where this would become a "hurting" problem. The female flight attendants were also complaining about the loss of their manicured nails! Many passengers have asked him about the opener once they saw the ease of its use with many different cans……….

He uses the opener mostly for the cans and continuously raves about the opener.

Since I am older and do not open up many cans, I would love to have an opener that would open up bottle tops such as spaghetti sauce bottles without having to hurt my wrist! Are you making such an opener??

I would highly recommend that you advertise this to the airline industry or to the Flight Attendant's Association in Washington, D.C.

Stan Schoenberg,
New City, New York

Now you can order 1 or more exclusive and original magnetic bottle opener Open Sesame right here, right now with our Secure easy to use BUY NOW page.

At, you will find the most interesting, funny and so helpful invention, a very powerful product, which make unique gift ideas, and/or excellent promotional advertising gifts, in the form of a simple kitchen utensil or kitchen gadgets. That's because Open Sesame produces lines of can openers and bottle openers that can be equally functional as corporate gift ideas .

The openers sold by Open Sesame can be transformed into logo promotional products or personalized bottle openers , and then used as part of a marketing strategy. Or, perhaps you're trying to come up with the perfect kind of unique gift idea for friends and family. Whatever your goal, or need, you can be assured that our patented 3-in-1 openers, which also double as custom refrigerator magnets , will fit the bill nicely.


Screw Off Top Easy Bottle Opener


We have solved all four problems! Open Sesame USA allows the user to open a variety of containers quickly, safely and with ease. It grips and grabs screw-off tops to unseal them with a simple twist of the wrist, and neatly inserts under pop-tops and tin caps. It’s magnetized, so it can be stored on the refrigerator door (to the delight the many collectors of refrigerator magnets).
Many people find it difficult or even painful to open beverage cans and bottles. Screw-off tops often require great strength and manual dexterity, especially for those people with limited hand power. Pop-top cans can be hard to open even if you’re not worried about ruining your manicure. And who hasn’t wasted time searching for that little opener for a tin bottle cap?

Perhaps you know someone who could use some arthritis assistive device to get arthritis pain relief. With a magnetic bottle opener from Open Sesame, anyone with arthritis problems will be able to open bottles and cans with little to no pain. That’s because in addition to being great promotional gifts, and cool bottle openers, the openers from Open Sesame are excellent arthritis aids. With our openers, opening a can or bottle is as easy for someone suffering from arthritis, as it would be for an able-bodied youngster.

At, you can select and personalize your product, and turn an ordinary kitchen utensil into a multifaceted tool. Think about the applications! With Open Sesame, you can:

  • Create a personalized bottle opener for special people in your life
  • Have functional promotional advertising gifts to publicize your own business
  • Personalized promotional products that can be sent utilized in trade-shows
  • Give out interesting corporate gifts to clients. Our patented 3-in-1 easy opener, which also doubles as a refrigerator magnet is perfect for:
  • Opening cans
  • Opening tin-capped bottles
  • Opening plastic capped bottles
  • Hanging on the fridge
  • Those in need of arthritis pain relief
  • Those who like to give exclusive gifts.

Tin Cups Bottle Opener

The possibilities are myriad, and at, the spin you might choose to put on our product could very well go far to promoting and maintaining your own business endeavors.

To learn how Open Sesame can help you and to order one or more Open Sesames Order Now for any technical question call us 305-889-2868 . provides interested customers the opportunity to create their very own beer bottle openers for use as novelty bar utensils or promotional corporate gifts . Our patented, affordable custom bottle openers are easy to hold, use, and place since they're magnetic and can quickly attach to any refrigerator and provide exceptional relief for those in need of arthritis help . Always a good corporate gift idea , definitely a unique bottle opener , and the absolute best can opener ; the openers from Open Sesame are just waiting for you to snap them up. With an unlimited sales potential, and an easy to use purchase function, get yours today at

Bottle Opener

Open Sesame is a great inexpensive gift idea. On your very next gift giving occasion you'll give Open Sesame knowing people will thankfully remember YOU for a very long time and the longer they use it the more thankful they'll be.

Thousands of happy clients are already using it.

No need to wait. You can start using it right away and you may order now,
On line
- by phone , or mail .

Try it 100% RISK FREE

Screw Off Easy Bottle Opener

Open Sesame Bottle Openers are great business promotional gifts for any type of company. Many of our customers have used them as business promotional gifts because they are a unique gift idea. Our Open Sesame is a promotional bottle opener that can be personalized with your company's logo along with any marketing material you would like to include and it will serve as a

Open Sesame Bottle Openers serve as the perfect gift for people with arthritis. These Bottle Openers come in different colors. They are very handy and can be used as business gifts for your company or business. People who search for these type of bottle openers use the following: promotional bottle opener, engraved bottle opener , can opener, business promotional gift, promotional corporate gift, unique gift idea, corporate gift idea, corporate gift, business gift, coca cola bottle opener . Also, people who suffer from arthritis and are looking for arthritis products , arthritis help, arthritis aids, arthritis pain relief will find our easy to use multi-beverage bottle opener extremely convenient and useful. To purchase call us at 305-889-2868 or Order Now Online.


Personalized Promotional Products

For Less than the cost of a few cups of coffee you can get
your own OpenSesame today - and have it for a lifetime.

Get your Open Sesame today, for yourself and for
your loved ones. Put an end to the agony of
opening many types of beverages right now...

Order NOW With A Peace Of Minds

Satisfaction Guaranteed on Bottle Opener

90 day no questions asked, iron clad money back guarantee
AND a lifetime warranty on the product.

BONUS: Get 1 Open Sesame USA Free.

3 in 1 Bottle Openers

OFFER ENDS SOON. See orderform for details.

Buy Bottle Openers Now!

Order OnlineOrder by Check

Easy to use multi-beverage bottle opener. Open Sesame bottle openers are the perfect gift for a promotion. Bottle opener with a twist cap specially designed for individuals with arthritis.

Soda Can Bottle Openers   Refrigerator Magnetic Bottle Opener


Brenda Cox a sister from Calhoun, GA

Hi, I got Open Sesame from my sister

My sister gave me one; I have it on my fridge.  I use it all the time for bottles, friends love it.... when I give it to them to use, and they always say What is this?”, then they are surprised when I tell them what it is

My sister bought it for me.

Very nice,


Brenda C.
Calhoun Georgia.

Mrs Talitha Mayo a wife from El Cajon, California says:

Hello Pablo,

My husband has a skin condition that makes it very easy to tear his skin open.  He also has arthritis in his hands.  I saw your web site and decided to give it a try anything that would help.  We both liked it so much I sent for another.  I am 64 years old and it is wonderful to have and opener that is easy to find,(magnetic goes anywhere) and doesn't hurt every time we have to open a bottle or can.  Thank you for the handiest item I have in my kitchen.  We also keep one in the bedroom just in case we get to lazy to go get the one in the kitchen. 

Mrs Talitha Mayo
El Cajon, CA
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